Metallica NOT Wanted at Glastonbury Festival By Many


Metallica might be icons and legends in the music world, but it seems that no one wants them at this year’s Glastonbury Festival. The annual festival which takes place in the UK, revealed that the rock band would be the third and final headliner for this year’s show, but it’s becoming more evident that none of the attendees or artists associated with the festival, want them to be there.

The Arctic Monkeys, who headlined the show last year and Mogwai, who will be performing at this year’s show, have said not-so-nice things about the icons.

Arctic Monkeys’ frontman Alex Turner, told Time Out London “I’m not sure it adds up,” he began. “I know we’d buzz off it, but fundamentally could you have Metallica in the hippy nucleus?”

While Mogwai referred to the legendary metal band as “shite” even insulting the band’s drummer, Lars Ulrich by saying that his drumming is “unbelievably bad.”

But that’s not even where it ends. A group of Glastonbury attendees have now created a Facebook page encouraging the festival to remove Metallica from the line-up.
This petition all began as a response to frontman James Hetfield’s involvement in an upcoming film about bear hunting. At this present moment, the page had gathered 15,000 members. The page’s mission, as written by them states, “Metallica’s lead singer James Hetfield is a big game hunter and promoter. This is incompatible with Glastonbury Festivals ideals.”

Meanwhile, it doesn’t look like those petitioners will be getting their way anytime soon. The festival organizers have continued to defend their decisions. “There’s a huge swathe of people who love Metallica to bits and just think they’re absolutely amazing,” Glastonbury founder, Michael Eavis said in an interview. “They’re worthy headliners.”

Can’t we all get along? Isn’t that part of the hippie ideals?

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