Stream Say Anything’s ‘Hebrews’


When Say Anything revealed their plans to put out a new album, fans were excited. Then, when the group revealed the news that the album would not feature just a few guest vocalist, like a typical album, but an album-full of guest vocalist, the excitement went to an eleven.

With guests such as Saves the Day’s Chris Conelly, Eisley members Chantelle DuPree and Max Bemis’ wife Sherri DuPree Bemis, Keith Buckley, Matt Pryor and many others, the new album would definitely be a departure from the band’s previous records.

Today, Hebrews was officially released on Spotify for fans to listen to before its release date of June 10 (next Tuesday) though several tracks have already been streamed including lead single, “Six Six Six.”

Listen to the guest-packed record below and let us know what you think about it? Did it surpass the hype and expectations or was it all a silly dud?

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