Jack White Debuts New ‘Lazaretto’ Track



Looks like Jack White really is giving fans his new album ahead of the time. The singer revealed that the full record can be heard over at iTunes First Play.

Lazaretto Track List:

1. “Three Women”
2. “Lazaretto”
3. “Temporary Ground”
4. “Would You Fight For My Love?”
5. “High Ball Stepper”
6. “Just One Drink”
7. “Alone In My Home”
8. “Entitlement”
9. “That Black Bat Licorice”
10. “I Think I Found The Culprit”
11. “Want And Able”

Jack White has already proven that he is a master of doing musical things and we’re pretty sure that at the rate he is going, releasing songs from his upcoming new album Lazaretto, the fans will have the full album before the record hits stores.

During the weekend, video footage surfaced of White, who is in the middle of his Lazaretto Tour performing a new song which is assumed to be from the anticipated album. The song is titled “Temporary Ground” and takes more of a twangy route than White’s White Stripes days, but then again, Third Man Records is in Nashville. Anyway, check out the new song (live) below.

If you haven’t already heard, White has been keeping a little busy in the meantime. Recently, he slammed several artists including The Black Keys to which he reportedly said in an interview that they were “ripping him off” and even though it wasn’t a dig at former White Stripe bandmate, Meg, he does say that they haven’t spoken in a long time and today, he issued an official apology to those that he might have “offended.” The full apology can be read over at this website.


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