Coldplay Currently Streaming ‘Ghost Stories’


Coldplay’s new album Ghost Stories is set to be released next week, but the band are letting fans listen to the new album, in its entirety, right this second. 

The British band have already dropped several tracks from the new record since its announcement was made, so this does not come as a complete surprise. Before the streaming was revealed, Coldplay had released lead single “Magic,” “Midnight” “A Sky Full of Stars,” “Oceans” and most recently, “Another’s Arms.” 

Without giving a listen to the album yet and taking the words from other publication who have reviewed the upcoming record already, it seems that a lot of the new tracks are in some way about frontman Chris Martin’s split (conscious uncoupling?) from his wife of ten year, actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

Also in honor of the new album’s release, the band is set to perform on a primetime TV special on May 18 at 7 p.m. set to air on NBC titled, Coldplay: Ghost Stories.

Give Ghost Stories a listen to over at iTunes Radio and tell us how you feel about the new songs, too melancholy or just enough given the frontman “situation.”

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