The Cab Stream New EP


The Cab have been dropping hints about new music for what feels like weeks now and finally they have released the new material. The project which is a five song EP titled Lock Me Up, is currently being streamed over at

Though this is good news for fans of the Nevada-based band, it comes on the heel of one of their band mates leaving the act. Guitarist Alex Marshall revealed during the weekend that he would leaving the band, much to the surprise of longtime fans and casual listeners.

In his statement, Marshall revealed that after seven years with the remaining members, he would be leaving. Like many departure statements, he thanks the fans for making his dream come true playing with The Cab and felt he accomplished all that he could with them. Due to that, he felt the need to leave the band to continue his journey as an evolving artist.

No matter how you feel about the departure, you can give the EP a listen and let us know if this would truly be considered a come back for The Cab, minus Marshall of course even though he did participate in the making of the record. No word yet on who will be replacing him, if they are going to replace him that is.

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