Marilyn Manson Scores ‘Salem’ Opening Sequences


WGN America has now decided to get in on the action of original programming with their first series Salem. The 17th century drama based on the infamous Salem Witch Trials premiered last Sunday (April 19) to decent rating regardless of the dark premise of the series. Today, the people behind the series have revealed the new opening credits for the series with a dark soundtrack to match.

When deciding on which musician would be a fitting match to come up with the opening credit music, they went to the most logical musician around: Marilyn Manson. The song is titled “Cupid Carries a Gun” and was the last track record for Manson’s upcoming new album.

Salem composer Tyler Bates worked with Manson on his new album and helped co-write the song. While putting the finishing touches on the song, Bates thought the song would be fitting as the music behind the opening sequence of the freshman show and the singer agreed with him.

“The song ‘Cupid Carries a Gun’ was the last track we just finished for my new album,” Manson told The Hollywood Reporter. “The occult and witchcraft [are] so often used in cinema with a heinous disregard for even researching its origins. However, I liked the themes of Salem. It looks at the witch trials without being cliche like most modern films.”

This isn’t Manson first television journey. The shock-musician has had guest spots on Eastbound & Down as well as Once Upon A Time.

Watch the full opening sequence here.

As for WGN America, the network have also added some other musicians to do opening sequences for their upcoming, new original programs. Sigur Rós leader Jonsi and his partner Alex Somers will be scoring the network’s upcoming new series Manhattan, based on the events that took place during the Manhattan Project. 

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