Lily Allen Goes ‘Sheezus’ in New Music Video


Call her SHEEZUS.

After the title track from her upcoming new album had been leaked earlier in the day, Lily Allen has gone ahead and premiered the music video for it

“Sheezus” marks the fourth video that has been released from the British singer’s new album which is set to hit shelves on May 5 through Regal Records.

If you though that “Air Balloon” meant a nicer Allen was on the horizon with the upcoming record, all you need to do is think back at the fact that such a stink was started over her first single, “Hard Out Here.” In the song, she goes ahead and name drops some of pop’s biggest star such as Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Lorde claiming that none of them can sit back and let another take the number one spot on the charts.

Of course they can’t sit back and let some other pop star claim that title spot, Lily; the record labels won’t allow that! You know that.

Oh yeah, there’s also a bit where she talks about periods.

Check out the video below for the song which features Allen dressed up like a rapper in a hoodie with black lights in something that feels very reminiscent to something that MTV would have played back in the 90s.

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