Listen to Jack White’s Record Store Day Recording of “Lazaretto”


Yesterday, we revealed how Jack White was able to beat a world record without even knowing that such a record had existed before his plan was set in motion.

The record at hand? World’s Fastest Record Release.

Besides giving fans who were not able to head to his Third Man Records in Nashville on Record Store Day experiment a look at just what took place, White also released the live recording of one of his new songs, “Lazaretto,” the lead single and title track from his upcoming new album due out on June 10.

Below is the official video that was released earlier today which finds us listen to two programs directors who got to first hand experience what went on as White attempted to accomplished his record-breaking accomplishment. In total, it took about four hours from the live performance/recording in the morning, to the master being taken to the United Press plant in town to the actual vinyls making their way back to Third man Records where present fans were able to purchase it for $30.

The live version of “Lazaretto” can be heard around the 7:20 mark, but if you are really interested in what went down during Record Store Day, then watch the full 11-minute clip.

White also decided to release the official audio from the upcoming album as well as the track list for it. All that can be seen after the recap of Record Store Day.


1. “Three Women”
2. “Lazaretto”
3. “Temporary Ground”
4. “Would You Fight For My Love?”
5. “High Ball Stepper”
6. “Just One Drink”
7. “Alone In My Home”
8. “Entitlement”
9. “That Black Bat Licorice”
10. “I Think I Found The Culprit”
11. “Want And Able”

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