Lana Del Rey Drops “West Coast” in the Early Morning


Leave it to Lana Del Rey to hit the stage at Coachella where fans eagerly sang along with her on several of her songs except for “Young & Beautiful” and then within a few hours (at 3 a.m. to be exact) of coming of stage, release a brand new song.

The song? “West Coast,” the first single off of her highly anticipated new album, Ultraviolence.

The official audio for the track comes a few days after the song had been performed live for the first time at  Del Rey’s show in Las Vegas last Friday. At the show, Del Rey teased the audience asking them if she should gift them part of the song or not. Eventually, the audience won out with her singing part of the new song without the backing band. 

The live, fan-shot footage can be seen on Vine, but why listen to the that when you have the official audio straight from the album with the accompanying video which features a loop of Del Rey twirling on the beach with her male counterpart standing there. 

Ultraviolence will reportedly be release on May 1st, by Del Rey’s own admittance, but you can never be too sure especially since secret albums has become all the rage lately.

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