As I Lay Dying Band Statement Reportedly a Fake


Earlier today, we had reported that the remaining members of As I Lay Dying had released a statement about the future of the band. The statement which was length and answered some questions about the remaining members’ future was believed to be real, but now, the remaining members have come forward to say, it wasn’t them.

Instead, they believe the original statement had been posted on the band’s official site by none other than former frontman, Tim Lambesis.

The newly released statement on behalf of Nick Hippa, Jordan Mancino, Phil Sgrosso and Josh Gilbert can be read below.

Good day friends, This morning an update was posted over at  on the current happenings and individual futures of all the bands’ members. For Jordan, Josh, Nick, Phil, management, and record label, this was an interesting first time read as all parties were oblivious to its construction, intent, and release. Though Tim is the only one with access to the As I Lay Dying site, the rest of us have been releasing content through our personal social media accounts to reveal that we are carrying on in a new band. Our truest intentions were to make this unveiling interesting and exciting for anyone who has supported us over the past year.

With information so instantaneous and disposable these days, we had hoped to show you how things were coming together rather than simply tell you. We never want to capture attention dramatically, which is precisely why we’ve been off the radar for close to a year.

Though the third-person statement released earlier compromises a lot of how we had hoped to unroll things, we remain positive in our outlooks and look forward to sharing new music soon.

With love and gratitude,

Jordan, Josh, Phil, Nick”

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