New Ed Sheeran Track Released

Ed Sheeran

Over the weekend, we were given the good news that Ed Sheeran would be releasing his sophomore album sometime with in the upcoming months.

Sheeran, had revealed that several places such as the U.K., Ireland, Germany and Australia have to wait a little longer than the rest of the world for the new album which has been titled X. Every other place aside from those territories will reportedly get the complete new record beginning tonight.

At least one good thing is coming from the waiting, the lead single from the album,the Pharrell produced “SING” made its debut and hopefully can tide some of those Sheerios over until the record hits locals store. But let’s be honest, with the way the internet works and how relentless those fans are, the album has probably already been leaked on one of those sites.

Sheeran also has reminded fans, “once the first play has happened, please badger your local radio station to play the song as much as possible, wherever you are in the world.”

You heard your leader, Sheerios, get to work.

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