As I Lay Dying to Resume Without Tim Lambesis

asi laydyin

It’s been almost a year since As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis was arrested in an attempt to murder his wife. Since the arrest, the main question that has risen was whether or not the remaining members of the band would call it a day or continue on without the frontman.

The question was finally answered this weekend when the remaining four members of the band, Nick Hippa, Jordan Mancino, Phil Sgrosso and Josh Gilbert, took to their individual Instagram pages to upload short video all featuring snippets of music on it. It is wise to assume that this was the answer that fans of the California band have been hoping for; the band will march on without Lambesis.

From the looks and sound of the new clips, bassist/backing vocalist Josh Gilbert as been promoted to lead vocals for the group. Th only issue with the video that have been released is the back and forth of whether or not this “new” group will still be operating under the As I Lay Dying name or if this means they will be going in another direction with a different name and sound.

In Hippa’s clip, there is simple action of ripping off the titles of several As I Lay Dying track meaning that they could be distancing themselves from the band.

But then there’s guitarist Phil Sgrosso’s clip which features a riff that sound very much like something that would be expected from one of their songs.

And then there comes another twist featuring Jordan Mancino whose clip features him playing the drums for a track that sounds nothing like the band’s sound.

So far, the only that can be certain is the fact that Gilbert has been moved up to lead vocals. The confirmation can be found in his clip which features him recording vocals in the recording studio.

No statements has been given on whether or not they will be keeping the name or changing it. All of the band’s social media accounts are still dormant which can mean they are still working out the final details before the big reveal, if there is one.

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