New Found Glory Answer Fans’ Concerns, Announce Upcoming Tour


New Found Glory are in the middle of the Parahoy! Cruise sans Steve Klein whom they fired last month. One of the main questions among fans of the long-running band is whether they will stay as a four-piece or eventually bring in someone to cover Klein’s vacancy.

Last week, before the band boarded the ship in Miami, the band played a not-so-secret show at The Talent Farm in where they performed as a four-piece.

“There was never any thought, nor will there be any thought or consideration to ever have a fifth member. It’s always going to be the four of us,” lead guitarist Chad Gilbert confirmed in an interview with Billboard.

But while the band will officially remain a four-piece in all aspects, it also begs to wonder if the band will remain like that during live shows. Many groups usually have the standard band as well as a live guitarist for concert gigs.

“As far as live, we’re figuring it out, but we like it better than having an extra person. It’s definitely easier to worry about us four than trying to find someone.” He adds, “A lot of our songs aren’t lacking a second part. We’re not playing intricate, shredding things where we need more. There’s not much of a loss sonically. I think a cool thing, too, is when we’re writing for our new album, we’ll be writing as a four-piece.”

While the mystery of the missing member has been solved, Gilbert was also asked about the band putting out a new album which he confirmed is currently a work in progress even though Klein did have some input in writing tracks from the previous records.

“There’s little riffs here and there. We have the cruise. We have a few festivals overseas. When we go home we’re going to go into full writing mode. There’s a few ideas scattered. Me, Jordan and (drummer) Cyrus (Bolooki) all live in Southern California so we’re going to be meeting up.

We already announced the tour in the UK — Pop Punk’s Not Dead UK — we’re going to be announcing a fall tour pretty soon in the States. And people can expect to have a new album before that tour.”

And to think, it’s only March.

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