Lily Allen Releases Album Art, New Music Video


Lily Allen had a busy weekend beginning with having to defend comments she made in a recent interview published in Shortlist titled “Feminism.” In the article she reveals that the word feminism shouldn’t exist and that men aren’t the real enemy of women; women are.

That’s deep.

But while the article did go on to spark a lot of readers, Allen had the final laugh because today she revealed the album art, track list and newest music video for her upcoming album and all those people still have her name in mind.

The album which Allen revealed to be named Sheezus after a guest appearance on The Graham Norton Show is reportedly set to be released on May 6. The cover art features the British singer sitting on steps in front of a beautiful mansion surrounded by three corgis. On the steps are the words “Divide Et Impera” (divide and rule) carved onto them.

As for the newly released track, it’s titled “Our Time” while the music video features the pop star playing different roles and having a good time on the town. The video for the track can be seen below as well as the track list for the upcoming record.


1. Sheezus
2. L8 CMMR
3. Air Balloon
4. Our Time
5. Insincerely Yours
6. Take My Place
7. As Long As I Got You
8. Close Your Eyes
9. URL Badman
10. Silverspoon
11. Life For Me
12. Hard Out Here
13. Untitled
14. Somewhere Only We Know (Bonus)

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