Motörhead to Launch Their Own Cruise


When do you know that the trend of having band-oriented cruises have become a thing? When one of metal’s biggest groups decides to put one together.

Bands and cruise have recently become a trend with bands such as Weezer with last week’s Weezer Cruise, Paramore with their upcoming PARAHOY!, the Backstreet Boys with their cruise, Train and even some festival taking to the high seas rather than a festival ground to perform. Today, another band has been added to the list: Motörhead.

Lemmy has revealed that he and the boys will be heading out on a cruise which they have dubbed, Motörboat. The cruise will make its maiden voyage this upcoming fall, though dates and other artists that will be onboard to perform will be announced at a later date.

Lemmy’s health has been a concern as of lately, but in order to announce such an adventure, he must be a little better than it had previously been reported. Check out the official poster from the band below and tell us if you’re down with this new music trend.


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