Mayday Parade to Head Out on Tour


Mayday Parade have just announced that they will be heading out on the “So Devastating, It’s Unnatural Tour” beginning in late April until mid-May. Joining the Florida-based band will be We Are The In Crowd, Transit and Divided by Friday.

The new tour will pick up just a few days after We Are The In Crowd wrap up their current Spring Tour with William Beckett, Candy Hearts, Set It Off and State Champs!.

As for Mayday Parade, the band released their new album Monsters in the Closet last year through Fearless Records and have already been confirmed to be performing at this year’s Van Warped Tour which will kick off on June 13 in Houston.

The “So Devastating, It’s Unnatural Tour” dates can be seen below.



    • The first time I ever saw them was on Warped 2007. I had no idea who they were or anything because they were on this tiny stage and Derek (I think it was him) swung his microphone around his neck like Adam Lazzara from Taking Back Sunday does and I was in awe. The following year they were on Warped again and I got the chance to meet them and it was pretty cool.

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