My Chemical Romance to Become a Musical?


Looks like 2014 is quickly becoming the year of turning some of our favorite bands’ albums into musicals. First we got word about Panic! at the Disco’s tracks being turned into a musical and then news got out that Fall Out Boy fans were hoping to raise funds to do the same.

Now, word has gotten around that My Chemical Romance will be the next to get the same treatment. According to sources, the musical won’t be based on a series of tracks from the band, like Panic! at the Disco and Fall Out Boy would be doing, all the music for the musical will be coming from My Chemical Romance’s hit album The Black Parade.

Seems a bit fitting since that album was the band;’s most theatrical album to date and was as close as you can get to a Broadway musical without becoming American Idiot.

The synopsis for the musical can be read below.



Based on the critically acclaimed album by My Chemical Romance. It is the story of Helena, a young German woman living in Nazi-occupied Warsaw, Poland in 1940. She has her life set: comfortable due to her father’s status as one of Hitler’s confidants and engaged to an officer quickly rising in the ranks. There’s just one problem — she falls in love with Ari, a Jew from the Warsaw ghetto. With the war growing more serious by the minute, they both decide to leave everything they know behind and start life over together… If they make it that far.”

Assuming that the poster is accurate, the band will have no involvement in the musical which wouldn’t be surprising since the synopsis really doesn’t have any relation to what the era in the group was like.

So tell us, are you digging the idea or what?

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  1. Reblogged this on Spewing Chunks and commented:
    I’m excited to see how this turns out! The only thing that’s a downer is the fact that it doesn’t seem like it’s following the whole original Black Parade concept we all fell in love with. It’ll be interesting to see if anything from the Black Parade era will be involved with the musical or if it’s going to be a completely different concept altogether. One concern I have is that’ll become another WWII love story, and there’s so many of those that they can become repetitive. However, knowing My Chemical Romance, anything they’re involved with turns out to be pretty awesome and very different, so I’m excited.

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