Brand New Scalpers Are at It Again


When Brand New announced that they would be holding a short tour in the United States this Summer, fans should have expected that purchasing tickets for the shows was not going to be as easy as going onto the internet and getting them.

Oh no, things were going to be as big as a catastrophe or worse than what it was last year when they did a few stops.

Turns out, the predictions were accurate because now over 1000 tickets have been uploaded to StubHub for those unfortunate fans who did not get the chance to get tickets before the scalpers invaded.

Tickets for the general public went on sale at noon and within a couple of minutes of being put up, several of the markets had been declared sold out. Due to the injustice, fans, of course took to several social media platforms to cry foul play over it especially when you take a look at the prices that the scalpers are charging.

There was even a retweet by a fan run Brand New Twitter which shows a scalper who bought four tickets to one of the shows and admits that he plans on charging five times the original price.



As for Brand New, the band have yet to comment on the issue, but honestly folks, from someone who has only seen Brand New once, it might not be worth shelling out “five times” the price to see them. This injustice might be enough for the band to go out on an actual tour and satisfy everyone so like that scalpers can’t prey on their fans, again.


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