Sneak Peek at Super Bowl Commercials


With just a few days until the Super Bowl takes over almost everyone’s televisions screens, some of the highly anticipated commercials from the yearly event have been made available online. Last week, the people behind the Dannon company released their commercial for Oikos Greek Yogurt which features current spokesperson, John Stamos and his former Full House co-stars, Bob Saget and  Dave Coulier. 

If you can’t wait until Sunday or just aren’t into the football games, some of the commercial sneak peeks can be seen below including the Oikos/Full House reunion and the Scarlett Johansson/Soda Stream commercial that was banned because it was “too sexy.”

JAGUAR: “Business Associates” 

JAGUAR: “Rendezvous” 

DANNON OIKOS: “Big Game Tease”


AUDI: “Doberhuahua”

BUD LIGHT: “Arnold Warms Up”


VOLKSWAGEN: “Ultimate Commercial”

M&Ms: “Teaser”

GODADDY: “Body Builders”


AXE: “Call to Arms”

SODA STREAM: “Sorry Coke and Pepsi”

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