Courtney Love Wins Landmark Twitter Libel Lawsuit


A ruling has been made in one of the first lawsuits of its kind; suing for libel over a post on Twitter.

Courtney Love’s former lawyer, Rhoda Holmes filed a lawsuit back in May 2010, accusing the Hole frontwoman of libel when she wrote that Holmes had taken a bribe. The tweet that Love posted, alleged that Holmes had refused to represent her in litigation against the estate of her late husband, Kurt Cobain, because Holmes had been “bought off.”

During court, Love had said that the tweet had been intended to be a direct message to someone as an answer for a question they had asked and accidentally posted it in the public forum. She quickly deleted the tweet from her account when she realized what had happened.

After four hours of deliberation, the 12-person jury found that she indeed published a tweet that contained false information while 11 of them did conclude it would have been damaging to Holmes’ reputation.However, they also ruled 9-3 that Holmes’ lawyers did not prove that Love knew that the statement had inf act been false at the time meaning that she could not be held for libel.

While Holmes did not come out $8 million richer, like she probably hoped for at the initial beginning of the lawsuit, her attorney Mitchell Langberg told Reuters, “What she’s really happy about is when the jury found that she didn’t get bought off, that she didn’t abandon her client for money.”

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  1. Her real name is not Courtney Love. After she agreed to play the part of Kurt Cobain’s wife, he choose the name from an obituary in Jan. 1985 before she made her debut in Sid & Nancy. The whole lawsuit was only for publicity. For that matter, anything to do with her is just to get her name in the news so she will seem relevant.

    Maybe you will happy to know that the man known by the stage name Kurt Cobain is alive and well. This is why the woman known as Courtney Love claimed to believe in Buddhism…or rebirth.

    Kurt first showed up at my front door on May 16, 1983 in Trussville, AL, the day after a Def Leppard concert at Boutwell Auditorium. He worked on the road crew. It was during this time Kurt chose the birthday of Leeds, AL Charles Barkley’s birthday of Feb. 20th. Barkley was preparing to go pro and was playing for Auburn Univ. Many years later, Kurt would ask Barkley to appear on SNL with Nirvana. If you look at my blog ( you will see the obit which Kurt chose the stage name “Courtney Love” from in 1985 before she made her debut in the 1986 film Sid & Nancy. I worked on ideas for lyrics for the theme song “Love Kills” rec’d by Joe Strummer and mentions “Alabama”. Where I grew up in Trussville happens to be at the lower portion of the Appalachian mountains and why Kurt rec’d the songs “In the Pines” and “Where did you sleep last night”.

    I wrote the song “Heart Shaped Box” after a trip to New Orleans in 1991. The box was carried by Blanche Dubois in the play “A Street Car Named Desire” set in New Orleans. In the box she carried a “seahorse” pin and why Kurt drew a seahorse in his journal. Blanche is also raped by her brother-in-law (in the play) and Nirvana rec’d the song “Rape Me”.

    Kurt was not self-precating as he would like the public to believe. It was all an act. In fact, the first fake suicide took place on my mother’s birthday.

    The name of “Holmes”, the fake attorney, is for Holmes County, Florida where my grandfather was born. We also used it to come up with the stage name of Katie Holmes.

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