VERSA Release ‘NEON’ Track List


Fans of VERSA (formerly VersaEmerge), it’s finally happened.The band have announced that a new EP will be released soon.

After almost a year since the initial announcement that they were working on a new album and their decision to pull out of the 2013 Vans Warped Tour, VERSA have released the track list for their EP, NEON.

While the record will only have three tracks on it, fans can finally put those rumors of the group breaking up to rest. Some were probably hoping that a lot more track would be present on the album considering that they had gone into hibernation to make it, but it seems that three tracks are all they are giving out.

Beginning tomorrow, January 21, the album will be sold through the band’s BandCamp where fans will be able to pay whatever they want for it.


1. Neon
2. Illusion
3. Wanderlust

But the questions still remains, what was it that caused the duo to get dropped by their former label, Fueled by Ramen, change their name and pretty much start from scratch just to give their fans a three song EP? For now, the world will never know.

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