The Used Ask Fans to “Please Stand By”


UPDATE: Looks like Amazon had ruined the surprise for fans of The Used. The band have officially confirmed that they will be releasing a new album on April 1st titled, Imaginary Enemy.

Along with the news, they also revealed the cover art which looks very similar to the cover art from 2004’s In Love and Death, just with a realistic heart instead of an animated one.


The album can be pre-ordered at the band’s website here.


The Used are up to something, but what exactly is still unknown.

Last night, the band posted up a 13-second “Please Stand By” video which could mean a lot of things to fans including information about their new album or an upcoming tour that they have been planning. For sometime now, there had been a rumor that The Used would help resurrect the Taste of Chaos tour which called it a day back in 2010.

A few days before the video had been posted, guitarist Quinn Allman had revealed in a Facebook post that the band were currently finishing up last-minute details with the new album. But the hints can be traced back even further than that; the band had posted a message on New Year’s Eve revealing that “BIG things are coming in 2014 so get ready…”

Last year, the band released their The Ocean of the Sky and EP and were last seen taking the stage at last Summer’s Vans Warped Tour as well as the Australian version of the traveling festival.

For now, check out their announcement below:

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