The Pixies Released “EP-2” and New Music Video


Well, The Pixies have figured out their perfect way to begin the new year and no, it has nothing to do with once again firing their current bassist; we think they may have passed that phase, for now at least.

The Pixies have brought in 2014, albeit three days later, with the release of their new EP, EP-2. The EP is the follow-up to September’s release with a similar name; it was titled EP-1.

Also being released alongside the record is the official music video for the lead song off the album titled “Blue Eyed Hexe.” The video for the song can be seen below.

This year might be one of the band’s best with already two records of new, original, music released, a couple of more also on the way. There’s also that tour of theirs and the fact that there is no signs of them stopping, even a little line-up shake up didn’t bother their plan. Like we said, 2014 is looking grand for them.

The record can be purchased on the band’s website, but if you feel like treating yourself to a late Christmas gift, you can buy the EP and Pixies hoodie for $45.

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