Evanescence Singer Claims Label Sabotaged Them


We haven’t heard much from Evanescence in what seems like a decade, but now it looks the band or at least frontwoman Amy Lee, is coming back and no, it has nothing to do with new music or an upcoming album; it has to do with their longtime record label.

According to mega gossip site, TMZ, Lee recently revealed that there was some major shady business going on with the band’s record label, Wind-Up Records. The songstress is claiming that the label tried to sabotage the band on many different instances and that they also owe the members $1.5 million in royalties.

When asked how exactly the label sabotaged the band, Lee responded that the label hatched a plan to screw them over by replacing their promoters with idiots who torpedoed the band with dumb ideas.

So far, the label have not commented on the claim against them. Property of Zack pointed out that this wouldn’t ge the first time the label has tried to screw a band over. No official name of those bands were released, but it wouldn’t be a surprise that it happened.

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