Selena Gomez Battling Lupus?


Selena Gomez might have actually had some real reason to cancel her tour just a few weeks before it was supposed to begin in other parts of the world. Reports have surfaced today that the former Disney Channel star suffers from Lupus, an autoimmune disease that attacks the tissues and organs which leaves the person tired, depressed and achy.

When Gomez had initially announced that the upcoming Asian and Australian legs of her Star Dance Tour had been cancelled, many outlets started to speculate what would be the reason behind the sudden cancellation. Some reports were claiming that it had something to do with her former beau, Justin Bieber and others had begun to claim that she was heading into rehab for some unknown reasons.

In the end, Gomez’s people and LiveNation had announced that the real reason behind her sudden cancellation was that she needed a break from her non-stop touring schedule; just a little bit of “me” time.

While several gossip site are claiming that these rumors are in fact true, Gomez nor her representatives have confirmed if the Lupus stories are actually true. A supposed “close friend” of the singer’s “confirmed” that she in fact does have the disease and as to why she had chosen to keep it a secret from her fans.

“Selena will not be happy that this is out there, she really wanted to keep this to herself,” the source said exclusively to “She doesn’t want it to effect people’s opinions of her and what she’s capable of. This is her own personal business and she wants to keep it that way.”

“She is embarrassed by it,” the source continued. “But her family and friends always tell her that they love her just the same.”

In the end, if the Lupus rumor does in fact end up being confirmed by her people, there would be no reason for the singer to be embarrassed by her health. She stood by her friend Demi Lovato when she was in rehab for a year and even had called out people on Instagram who bully others; we’re pretty sure her fans would stick it out with her.

What do you guys think, in the event that it is true?

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