OPINION: Calling Out the Brand New ‘Fans’


As a music fan and someone who finds nothing more enjoyable than going to a concert, it comes as a huge surprise that during Brand New’s set on Friday, during their hometown show, so-called fans began to walk out of the show just because they didn’t get what they wanted from the band; them to play specific songs. It took us about two days to be able to put into words how we felt and here it goes.

When Brand New announced that they would be performing four shows at the end of the year a month or so back, some fans were happy and the vast majority were a tad sad. The four shows that had been scheduled would only take place on the two coasts; two shows on the west coast in California, the other two on the east coast in New York and New Jersey.

Of course, them announcing these four shows should have been sufficient for the fans that live in those areas to stop complaining since the band have been in hiding since their less than stellar last album, Daisy, and while it might only be two shows a coast, it’s still a lot more than any other area of the United States and even out of the country would get.

Within that announcement, they also revealed that they planned to perform two of their albums, in full, during the shows; which album though, would be left in the dark until they hit the stage those nights. There was also a serious issue with ticket sales and scalpers which made the price of the tickets go up and even at one point almost resulted in previously purchased tickets not being valid.

And that is where the issue started with the show.

While we, personally, were not at the show, we have read and seen enough about the show to draw a conclusion that those who left the venue because they didn’t get what they wanted are just a bunch of little brats from generation iPhone who have a Veruca Salt mentality.

The story goes, according to other sources, that the band got on stage and started to play. When they realized that the album that would be played at the hometown show would be The Devil and God Rage Inside Me and Daisy, the audience decided to take things into their own hands to advise the band they were not happy with the choice of albums.

During one of the songs, the audience even began to chant Deja, in hopes that the band will change their mind and play Deja Entendu and Your Favorite Weapon. The band decided not to heed the audience’s “plea” and that’s when some of them started to walk out of the show. 

It’s not so much the fact that they were chanting Deja relentlessly because let’s admit it, we’ve all done it before in hopes the band will listen and give you the song you request. It has more to do with the fact that they didn’t get what they wanted and stormed out of the venue like a bunch of four-year-old whose parents told them they weren’t getting dessert.

As a music fan, you shouldn’t act that way especially if you were fortunate enough to see a band that no one else has in over five years. Why would you walk out of a show that is as rare as that as well as spent so much money to do so? What kind of fan are you? Even if Daisy is their weaker album, be grateful you could see them, you know a lot of people would love to be in your shoes.

Thank you.

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