The Pixies Announce New Bassist


Looks like the days of the Pixies having bassists named Kim are done and over with.

Today, the band announced that they had once again filled the vacancy in their line-up.

And who might that lucky person be? Well, the remaining member of the Pixies decided on A Perfect Circle’s Paz Lenchatin to take over during their upcoming tour.

About two weeks ago, it was reported that the band had released their fill-in bassist and frontwoman of The Muffs, Kim Shattuck. Shattuck actually took onto her Facebook account to reveal the news saying that she was, “super disappointed to learn that my time with the Pixies ended today. Amazing experience. Looking forward to focusing my attention back on the Muffs and our upcoming new album. All the best to everyone.”

Shattuck had taken over the vacancy left when original bassist, Kim Deal decided that it was in her best interest to leave the band back in July.

At the time, no one knew what was the reason behind Deal’s departure especially since the band was in the midst of recording some new material. According to the band’s manager, Deal just didn’t want to do any of the things that were needed to support new material such as touring and decided to resign from the band.

Of course, that’s one of the reason that the remaining members were starting to scurry to find a replacement because their upcoming tour is scheduled to begin on January 15.

But announcing that Lenchatin had been chosen was not the only news that they had revealed today. They also released a music video for the song, “Another Toe in the Ocean” which is featured on their recently released EP, EP-1. 

Check out the full music video below and don’t forget to check out the full schedule for their tour dates. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to see them before they need another new bassist.

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