Selena Gomez and Her Naughty Jingle Ball Show


Things got a little hairy to say the least for Selena Gomez this past weekend during her show in Los Angeles as part of the annual KIIS-FM Jingle Ball concert.

The singer was in the middle of performing when there was an issue with her audio. Instead of taking it like a pro and just hammer out the song like fellow performer Ariana Grande who had a similar misfortune, the “Come and Get It” singer dropped an F-bomb for the entire Staples Center audience to hear and stormed off the stage.

Talk about tantrum.

After storming off, she came back on to give a slight explanation as to why she vacated the stage mid-performance, “sorry the sound isn’t working!”

She left once more, but returned just a few moment later, “Are you guys having a good night? I promise, a lot cooler people are gonna come out tonight,” she told the crowd upon her second return.

But that’s not where it all ended. She started to thank the crowd for being there and enduring her hot mess of a performance and even promised to sing two more songs.

The only problem?

She walked off the stage after just one of the two songs she promised the audience. An onlooker at the event said that Gomez was livid about all the audio trouble she was having.

Guess everybody’s entitled to one messed up show, let’s just hope this isn’t a recurring incident or else we might know how Justin Bieber rubbed off on her.

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