Oli Sykes in the Middle of Another Feud


We all know that there was some major bad blood between Oli Sykes and Kellin Quinn earlier this year about some fan packages that Quinn had posted for the Sleeping with Sirens tour.

Now it looks like Sykes might be in the middle of another feud and this time it has nothing to do with Quinn or Sleeping with Sirens; it’s a looking more like a one-sided “disagreement” with Tyler, the Creator (you know, that guy that had his entire speech bleeped at one of those awards shows).

According to Tyler, Sykes stole some lyrics of his and put it on one of his shirts from his Drop Dead line, but instead of just calling Sykes out like a normal person, he took to Twitter to call him a “Tumblr Fag.” Then again, do you really expect some eloquence coming for a guy who’s speech was nothing but curse words roped together?

Tyler, the Creator tweeted the following when he found out about the shirt,” THAT KID WITH RADICAL LYRICS ON HIS SHIRT IS SOME TUMBLR FAG FUCK HIM DONT USE MY SHIT PUSSY” and Sykes, not one to give a crap about anything responded with, “I just thought skip school had more charm to it. You could try watchdogs but I think they have bigger fish to fry ✌️”.

And of course, not being one to miss a fight, Falling in Reverse’s Ronnie Radke had to put in his two cents, siding with Tyler. Radke wrote on his social media account, “Certain people that steal others art and music and designs WILL get exposed. You can’t just jack peoples shit dude. You know who you are” “Stop defending that fucking fraudulent pussy..”

And to think, this started over some lyrics that pretty much every kid in high school going through their rebellious phase has said more than a couple of times.

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