We the Kings Change Album Name Two Weeks Before Release


When We The Kings announced that they would be doing a fundraiser for their new album through a crowd sourcing website, their fans were so eager to support them that the new album was sourced in no time at all.

At first, the band had asked fans to donate to their IndieGoGo goal of $50,000. Then came the big surprise; the fans had donated more than that in the first couple of days. At the end of the 30 days, the band had gotten more than $150,000 in funding.

Last week, the band revealed that they would name the fan financed album Vitam Regum, but with two weeks until the album is set to be released, the band had changed their mind and decided to go a different route by naming itSomewhere Somehow. 

The band took to their official Twitter account to advise fans about the change in titled by writing, “14 more days until the new @WeTheKings album!!!!! New album is titled “Somewhere Somehow” :)) annnnd it starts with an “S” haha.”

Somewhere, Somehow is the band’s fourth studio album. The band have already released three singles including, “Just Keep Breathing,” “Find You There” and “Any Other Way,” but no word on whether the tracks will appear on the album or not.

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