“Timber”! Pitbull and Ke$ha’s New Video Premieres


Pitbull did a decent job this past Sunday at the American Music Awards while he took over the role of host of the evening. The Cuban rapper even took the stage to perform his new song, “Timber” which featured our favorite party girl, Ke$ha.

While the song has been floating around the internet for over a month, the video has finally surfaced. The rapper gave some of his fans on Facebook the exclusive first look at the video this past Sunday, in honor of him getting the chance to host the yearly, fan-voted award show

The video was filmed in Pitbull playground also known as South Florida (we should probably insert some “305” and dale in here, but we know how annoying that is, dale) including the saloon where Ke$ha’s part mostly takes place (except those parts when she’s with animals, coincidence, we think not) and Pitbull sticks to what he knows best, the beach.

Now who’s ready to watch some Coyote Ugly or Dukes of Hazard?

Anyways, check out the video for the track below:

“Timber” is the first single off Pitbull’s new EP, Global Warming: Meltdown which was released yesterday.

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