Angelina Jolie Channels Her Inner ‘Maleficent’ in New Trailer


Every story needs a good old-fashioned villain, correct?

Well, that’s exactly what we are getting as Angeline Jolie takes the horned helmet as Sleeping Beauty’s villain, Maleficent. Yesterday, Walt Disney Studios revealed on their Facebook page, the official poster for the film which will be released in the Spring of 2014. Today, they took things even further by releasing the first official trailer for the upcoming movie.

In the past, we have seen pictures of Jolie in the attire of the evil fairy and even the green screen used for the CG in the film, but now we can see it all put together and we have to admit, it’s thrilling. Also feature in the clip is a clear voiceover by Elle Fanning’s Aurora as we take a look back to screen shots of her childhood all the while she’s speaking to Maleficent. There’s also a very important scene featured in the trailer, so you might want to pay close attention.

Maleficent is set to hit theaters on May 30. 2014.

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