Listen to Lily Allen’s Comeback Track


Our favorite little British spitfire, Lily Allen is back with a brand new single. After playing around with fans this morning tweeting things with a hashtag of #HOH, we finally figured out what it meant; it was the initials for the title of her new song.

The song which is named “Hard Out Here” is the singer’s first new song since 2010 when she decided to take a break from the music industry to start a family. A few weeks ago, she was already starting to make her way back into the music world; last weeks she released a cover of Keane’s hit song, “Somewhere Only We Know” as part of a commercial for John Lewis department stores in Great Britain. At the time, the song was already available for purchase in the U.K. and new has become available, globally.

The video is a little on the NSFW as we watch Allen get some liposuction with a suited executive trying to get someone to have her on their late night show and dancing around with a mess of scantily dressed dancers and all that good stuff we see on “music” channels now a days. Pretty much, it’s “hard out here for a bitch.”


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