VersaEmerge Explain Name Change to Fans


When VersaEmerge had announced that they would be changing their name, fans of the band started to wonder just what exactly was happening internally. They had gotten off this past Summer’s Warped Tour to work on new material that never was release,d the had been dropped by their record label, Fueled By Ramen and some of their fans had begun to wonder if this might be the end of them.

When the name change occurred, the duo decided to simply create new accounts with their new name instead of editing out the ‘EMERGE’ part of their name. Today, the duo finally released a statement explaining to fans why they had decided to go all with erasing the ‘Emerge’ part of their name and come back as VERSA.

Hello all!

We’ve been getting a lot of questions via twitter/etc about the recent changes we’ve announced and the becoming of VERSA. We hope we can answer a few of those questions here and now. 

We (Sierra and I) started writing new music very early in 2011 for what was to be a new VersaEmerge release. Since then, we’ve written over 70 different songs and have spent nearly 3 years traveling the globe and writing the music we want to represent us. All the time, growing and learning absurd amounts along the way. We’ve ended up with a handful of songs that we truly love and fully stand behind, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

We’ve matured a lot, not only musically, but as people as well. We couldn’t possibly have known what this music would morph into, and we’ve never been more excited (or nervous) to release it. We’re so thankful to have always had fans that have grown with us and have supported us through our constant state of mitosis. We’re asking everyone to embrace this massive change and see VERSA as a new endeavor, by two new people making music with no limitations or preconceptions. We’re only just getting started.

WE WILL BE RELEASING our debut single as VERSA shortly, along with info on a new release. We hope you all are as excited as we are…

Links below for our new social media sites | | | | |

We’re also working on ideas for an official fan club. Stay tuned. 


As a celebration of 5 years of VersaEmerge, we are doing a special vinyl release of our 1st EP Perceptions. More info will be released Sunday night.

-Blake & Sierra

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