Stream ‘Punk Goes Christmas’


Now that Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is on its way, we can hear the faint sounds of Christmas songs on the radio and pretty much everywhere we go.

For a few weeks now, the people behind the Punk Goes…series have been teasing their new compilation which will feature Christmas songs rather than the usual the usual top 40/hip-hop/rap and every other genre songs.

In honor of the holiday which is just under two months away, well, not according to certain mega store which ave already set the Christmas things out and about for purchase, Fearless Records has given fans the gift of being able to stream the full album over at their website.

Punk Goes Christmas was supposed to be released today, officially, but the label gave fans a 24 hour advance hearing which can be heard here.

Check out the new album in the coll interactive website and let us know which is your favorite remade Christmas song.

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