Stream The Killers’ ‘Just Another Girl’


With just a week until their greatest hots compilation, Direct Hits! makes it to stores, The Killers have released the music video for their second new song to be featured on the record.

The song, “Just Another Girl” is the second of two new songs that they had added to the greatest hits album, which like it says consists of selected hit songs from throughout their career. “Just Another Girl” plays up what happens in the aftermath of a break up with lines such as “All of my friends say/I should move on/All of my friends say/She’s just another girl/Then why can’t I sleep at night?/And why don’t the moon look right?”

Deep. Very deep.

The new track was produced by Stuart Price who has been associated with the band for a long time. Price remixed early singles like “Mr. Brightside” and went on to produced their third album, 2008′s Day & Age.

The band announced a few months ago that they would be releasing the compilation record in celebration of the tenth anniversary of them being a band. Last month, they debuted, “Shot at the Night” which was produced by M83 mastermind, Anthony Gonzalez; this song marked the second time that The Killers and the music man collaborated on a track.

Just a few weeks back, Calvin Harris contribution to the record, a remixed version of “When You Were Young” from Sam’s Town, the band’s sophomore album.

For now, you can head on over to VH1 (yes apparently they still play music) and listen to the new track there.

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