The Return of Taste of Chaos?


Could it be true that the Taste of Chaos travelling show will be resurrected from the dead?

All signs are pointing that there might be a resurrection of the short-lived tour. Back in September, Kill the Music had claimed that Taking Back Sunday and The Used would be heading out on some kind of a tour. Flash forward to the end of October and it looks like the rumors might be true.

Now, Main Stage Productions, a website that informs talent buyers and college clubs hoping to host events about available tours, has updated their list to include a Taking Back Sunday/The Used package which says that they would be available to perform between March 15 to April 27.

While nowhere does it say that this listing is anyway related to the tour, coincidentally, the days listed on the site do happen to fall within the time frame that Taste of Chaos would typically occur.

Back in July, rumors started when The Used’s frontman, Bert McCracken  mentioned “I heard a big rumor that The Used is putting back together the Taste Of Chaos for springtime. Does that sound like a good time?”

Check out McCracken’s tease at the end of the video below.

Taste of Chaos began in 2005 with The Used and My Chemical Romance headlining, but in 2010, the tour ended its run with Disturbed on the bill.

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