Stream the “Carrie” Soundtrack


While some fans of the original 1976 version of Stephen King’s Carrie were a little less than thrilled to know that the horror film would be remade for this year, some have warmed up to the idea once trailers started to debut on television and online.

The remake which stars Kick-Ass’ Chloë Grace Moretz as the titular character and Julianne Moore as her overbearing and ultra religious and creepy mother is set to be released on October 18, just in time for Halloween.

Columbia Records recently announced that a 12-song soundtrack will be released three days before the actual film and will feature a wide variety of musicians from the indie genre. Artists include HAIM, Vampire Weekend, Passion Pitt and Portugal. the Man, The Civil Wars and Krewella.

The full soundtrack is currently being streamed over on Entertainment Weekly’s website and the full track listing can be seen below.

The Carrie Soundtrack is scheduled to be released on October 15.


1. Ends of the Earth – Lord Huron
2. College – Rogue Wave
3. Hip Hop Kids – Portugal. the Man
4. Let Me Go – HAIM
5. Diane Young – Vampire Weekend
6. Young Blood (Radio Edit) – The Naked & Famous
7. Live for the Night – Krewella
8. Dust to Dust – The Civil Wars
9. All The Days – HAERTS
10. Take a Walk – Passion Pit
11. I Can Hardly Make You Mine – Cults
12. Tombstone Blues (Bonus Track) – Matrimony


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