Suicide Silence Almost Confirm New Vocalist


Almost a year after the death of their frontman, Suicide Silence have released a cryptic video letting fans know that the band will be continuing forward. Earlier today, news started to surface in many music media sites saying that the band have chosen a new vocalist to take over the place of their late frontman Mitch Lucker.

While the new is just that, rumors, at the moment, many sites are also reporting that the vocalist taking over the role will be Eddie Hermida of All Shall Perish. The news all started when the band released said one minute video with mysterious vocals and a black background with the band’s name and “New Vocalist- YOLO Segment-2013.”

The video with the snippet can be seen below.

Last November, Lucker tragically passed away after a motorcycle accident. Lucker was riding his motorcycle when he lost control of the bike and hit a light pole. He was ejected from the bike while it kept going, hitting another vehicle. He was hospitalized, but sadly succumbed to his injuries.

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