We The Kings Get Completely Funded for New Album


We the Kings have joined a long list of musicians who have taken to crowd sourcing site to help fund the production of a new album. In the past we have seen many people use sites such as Kickstater and IndieGoGo to help them fund projects that might be out of reach with out the help of some giving souls.

In the past we have seen some major wins such as the Veronica Mars campaign which managed to get the full $2 million in less than 24 hours, Zac Braff’s Wish I Was Here, but with the wins do in fact come some fails such as Eisley’s attempt as well as actresses/musicians Zoisa and Clara Mamet.  Unlike those unfortunate artists in the past, the Florida-based band managed to make their goal amount in not time at all.

The band had originally made their goal amount $35,000, to fund the making on their yet untitled fourth album. What came as a surprise to the band and probably nay-sayers against this type of funding, the band managed to make all that money and more in less than 19 hours.

As of the last time that their campaign had been checked, the band had gotten a staggering $52,070 and keep in mind, that the band still has 30 days left in their effort campaign.

If you’re feeling the giving mood at the moment then head on over the site here, or if you just want to see what hardcore fans they have.

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