The Killers Release ‘Shot at the Night’ Music Video


Yesterday, we gave you guys a 17-second teaser from The Killers’ newest music video for “Shot at the Night,” the first single off of their greatest hits compilation, Direct Hits.

Today, like promised, the band have released the full music video for the song which features Bella Heathcote as a casino cleaning lady going through the motions of her everyday lief while Max Minghella, plays a guy that she almost hits with her car one evening.

The two have another run-in, this time Minghella persuades Heathcote’s character to blow off work for a day which she does. The two enjoy the entire day together with riding on a motorcycle, watching a poker game and eventually wrapping up at a typical Las Vegas wedding chapel watching happy couples tie the knot in typical Vegas fashion.

The band weren’t kidding when they said that the music video would be a nod to all the clichéd, cheesy things that make Las Vegas just that.

Watch the full video below:

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