Matt and Kim Stream ‘Lightning Remixes’


Matt and Kim made headlines a few weeks back when they released the album work for their remixed album, Lightning Remixes which showed the duo portraying Adam and Eve with drummer Kim Schifino completely topless (which can be seen above, if you didn’t already notice).

If you’ve ever seen her perform live then you know that it’s nothing, but like most things, some people blew it out of proportion and took offense to it.

Schifino’s response? To simply apologize to her family via Instagram.

“To my family…I am sorry but my boobs are on the Internet today. Good news is they are the same size as when david and I or even heather and I took baths together so it shouldn’t be that weird! Xo,” she wrote.

Now that’s badass.

Today, the full album has been posted on Soundcloud where all ten remixed tracks ca be heard. Lightning Remixes is set to be released on October 1 through FADER.

Check out the stream here.

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