Fall Out Boy to Appear on CMT Show


Think you’d see the day when Fall Out Boy would appear on a country music channel?

If the answer was “No,” then you might be many of us who were a little surprised when it was announced that the band would in fact be participating on a CMT show titled, Crossroads.

Crossroads has been on the country music channel since 2002 and showcases country artists getting paired up with musicians from other genres. Typically the premise of the show is to get the two sets of artist to collaborate with one another, usually in the form of both sets cover one of their original songs, and then perform the material in an intimate setting.

The country music artists that will be working in cahoots with Fall Out Boy fort he show will be country trio, The Band Perry. The Band Perry rose to mainstream fame back in 2010 when they released the hit song, “If I Die Young.” Ever since that song hit the radio waves, they have had multiple successes with several platinum singles and two successful albums.

As of now, the only information that has been given about the show is that the private taping will take place on Wednesday, October 2 at Rocketown in Nashville, TN. The air date for the special is also unknown at the time, but like most big news, Fall Out Boy will probably be the first to break the news on their Twitter or website, so keep an eye out on it.

For those that might be in the area and might want to get some ticket, head on over here and see if you can still get them.

Now here comes the big question, what do you think about the match on this one? Is it a hit in the making or a major miss?

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