The Killers to Release Greatest Hits


This year marks the tenth year anniversary of one of our personal favorite bands here, The Killers.

For some fans, it was probably inevitable that the band would be releasing greatest hits this year. For a little while now, there had been some talk that the band would be releasing a greatest hits album just in time for their tenth anniversary and it looks like talks were pretty accurate because they revealed earlier today that they would be dong just that.

In celebration of this momentous occasion, the band have decided to give fans their first greatest hits compilation which will be titled, Direct Hits. 

The compilation will include two new songs one titled “Shot at the Night”and the other will be titled “Just Another Girl.” “Shot at Night” was produced by the mastermind behind the French electro-group, M83, Anthony Gonzalez. A music video for the song will be coming pretty soon according to some sources. The video will be directed by Robert Schober, who has previously worked with the guys on “I Feel It In My Bones” and “Cowboys’ Christmas Ball.”

The video will apparently touch on some of the most cliched things about Las Vegas such as Elvis impersonators, casinos and little white chapels like the one drummer Ronnie Vannucci used to work at in the good ol’ days.

Direct Hits will of course feature many of the band’s hit songs including “Mr. Brightside” and “Somebody Told Me” from their debut album Hot Fuss and “When You Were Young,” “Read My Mind” and “For Reasons Unknown” from 2006’s Sam’s Town.

Sadly, some of our favorite tracks like “Jenny Was a Friend of Mine” and “Human” will not be featured on the album, but that’s why we have also those albums in our possession.

Direct Hits is scheduled to drop on November 12.


“Mr Brightside”
“Somebody Told Me”
“Smile Like You Mean It”
“All These Things That I’ve Done”
“When You Were Young”
“Read My Mind”
“For Reasons Unknown”
“A Dustland Fairytale”
“Miss Atomic Bomb”
“The Way It Was”
“Shot at the Night”
“Just Another Girl”
“Mr Brightside (Original Demo)” [Deluxe edition bonus track]
“When You Were Young (Calvin Harris Remix)”* [Deluxe edition bonus track]
“Be Still” [Deluxe edition bonus track]

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