Ariana Grande to Cancel Several Performances


Ariana Grande was just celebrating that her debut album, Your Truly, went to number one, but now, it has been revealed that she has had to cancel several performance due to a medical issue.

According to Page Six, the actress has had to cancel several of her upcoming performances in support of her album due to a case of vocal cord hemorrhage.

A source went on to tell the infamous column that “Ariana had a show in LA on Monday night, then on Tuesday she woke up and felt unwell. She tried to sing with her vocal coach, who recommended she see a doctor. She has a vocal cord hemorrhage. She is devastated at this news, but she knows she will have to rest.”

But fret not, fans of the Sam and Cat star, once she’s feeling better she will be returning to the stage to continue her shows. When the pint size star found out that her album had scored the top spot on the Billboard 200 chart, she took to Twitter to thank her fans for all their support.

“My 1st album has debuted at #1 & I can’t even begin to express my gratitude. Thank you for supporting my music, this really means the world,” she wrote on the social media site.

Grande made her television performance debut, at least singing one of her own official songs, back during the pre-show of the MTV Video Music Awards where she debut her vocal range that some compare to Mariah Carey back in the good ol’ days when she first started.

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