Miguel Charged with Two Counts of Drunk Driving


Looks like Miguel is in a lot more trouble than knocking some girl out during a performance; the singer has official been charged with D.U.I.

Last month, the “Adorn” singer had been arrested for drunken driving in Los Angeles where he blew .10 and .11; in California, the legal limit is .08.

Today, it was revealed that the singer has been charged with two counts of drunk driving. Initially, he had been stopped by the police for having excessively dark tint on the windows of his 2013 BMW X6. It was during that stop that the authorities suspected that he had been drinking. They gave him the breathalyzer test which only confirmed what had been suspected.

Authorities did say that the singer had been cooperative throughout the entire process, and was released that morning on a $5000 bail.

Miguel’s case is scheduled to go before a judge next Monday, September 9th.



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