The Pixies Release New Song and EP


Earlier this Summer, the Pixies first surprised us when they announced that bassist, Kim Deal had decided to leave the band after being with them for 25 years. About three months later, the reason behind her departure was still she “departed the band.”

After that, it was shortly announced that they released their first new single, “Bagboy.” Today, the band released the song “Indie Cindy” but that wasn’t the only bit of news from their camp that they were hiding; no, they also announced that they would be releasing a new EP titled, EP-1, today!

Talk about being secretive.

EP-1 is part of series of mini-releases the band will release over the next 15 months. For those interested, the album will be released both digitally and on vinyl, but only a lucky 5,000 will be able to score one of the vinyls.

“It’s all about self-doubt,” frontman Charles Thompson, aka Black Francis, told the Times about the song. “It says to the audience, I don’t know if this romance has still got what it needs to happen again. I don’t know if you’ll accept me; I don’t know if I accept you. But we have this memory. Can we do it again?”

Check out the tracklist for the EP as well as the video for the song below.


1-Andro Queen
2-Another Toe In The Ocean
3-Indie Cindy
4-What Goes Boom

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