Kellin Quinn v. Oli Sykes: Round 2


We never though we’d see the day when guys would act like a bunch of 14-year-old girls competing over who would get the most attention from the cute, new guy in school.

Last month, Sleeping with Sirens frontman, Kellin Quinn had posted on the band’s website an $80 package which guaranteed fans, an autographed Polaroid picture with the frontman, a group Q&A, a signing session with the entire band and other things during their current tour.

When word got around that Quinn was “offering” this to fans, Bring Me the Horizon frontman Oli Sykes sounded off on the matter and he was less than thrilled about it. He took to his Twitter and started to throw major shade at Quinn writing things such as “Next USA tour! Oli Sykes special polaroid package! Take a photo with me! Special price! Absolutely no charge at all! Fucking cockstars.”

Of course, Quinn did respond to the diss and wrote in his respond that he thought it was a great deal and “ if you disagree then don’t buy it, no one is forcing you k?” Soon after, he did reveal that he would be donating some of the money to charity.

Just when we thought that it would have all ended there, let’s just say that it didn’t and rewind back to those catty girls in high school.

Sykes recently had gotten a facial tattoo and went on to the post the new body art on his Instagram; that’s when Quinn saw his opportunity to attack.  He wrote, “Dude, so stoked! My best bud @olobersyko loved our album so much he got the artwork tattooed on his face”

Sykes, not being one to take something so lightly especially when it has to do with his “bud” Quinn, responded by simply writing, “@Kellinquinn it’s just such a good album, you must have been so stoked when @JesseSWS wrote it all.”

Ouch, but that’s not where it all ended.

Quinn responded a few hours ago with “@olobersyko @JesseSWS maybe he can sign his name next to your feather? You have his number right? I’m sure he’d be stoked to do it!”

I think someone might need some water for that burn. No telling how much further this feud is going to go, but rest assure, it’s probably just going to get cattier and funnier.


  1. Love both bands but Kellin all the way. He did absolutely nothing wrong. Other celebrities do much muchh worse.

    Also.. i really love his comebacks lol

  2. Omfg this is so funny… I love both bands, but Kellin would definitely win in a sass match. Sorry Oli lmao, but you WERE being the bitch first to an innocent Kellin, so you get what you get.

  3. I love both bands but…Oli all the way :d I prefere his voice much more and saying the true I started listening to bmth first then sws.

  4. Omfg Are you kidding me, I LOVE BOYH OF THEM SO MUCH❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Kellin is a fucking rude dickhead who is way too arrogant about himself, his band and their music – which has gone to shit. At least Oli is humble and gives his other bandmembers credit when they deserve it..

    • Heres the thing, Oli started this shit! It honestly wasn’t necessary to put Fucking Cockstars but yeah instead of making the fight worse one of them shouldve put an end to it…

    • Say one more thing like that bout Kellin and we gonna have some problems

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