New Eminem Album Due Out in November


Why the world was still reeling (and probably will never get over) the Miley Cyrus/Robin Thicke combo that happened last night, Eminem did something that we probably should have expected, but still were surprised; he released a commercial for his much talked about new album.

The trailer might have been quick and to the point, letting fans of the rapper know that his Marshall Mathers LP follow-up, coincidental named, MMLP2 will be released on November 5.

Rick Rubin and Eminem’s always collaborator, Dr. Dre were announced as producers on the new album which comes as no surprise since a few months back, Dr. Dre revealed not only that the new LP would be released by year’s end, but that he was also working on it.

The ad made its presence in one of the many Beats by Dr. Dre commercials and most were wondering what the new song was; many were thinking it was a new Beastie Boys song, but we wrong at the end. An announcement then followed that the snippet of the Beastie Boys-esque song would actually be the rapper’s second single off the album, “Berzerk” which will drop on Tuesday, August 27.

“Berzerk” will be the second single off MMLP2 following last week’s release of “Survival” in the Call of Duty: Ghost trailer.

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