Taylor Swift and Ellie Goulding Team Up in L.A.


Another day, another guest star at the never-ending tour that is Taylor Swift’s RED Tour.

This time, British songstress, Ellie Goulding had the honor of joining the pop star on stage during on another one of her Los Angeles tour stops at the Staples Center on Friday. This tour might be all about Swift and tourmate, Ed Sheeran, but it looks like it might also be about all the guests that she has brought on stage since the tour began.

So far, the “Love Story” singer has brought on stage Carly Simpson who she sang “You’re So Vain,” Tegan and Sara earlier this week for a rendition of their single, “Closer” as well as Jimmy Eat World frontman, Jim Atkins and Fall Out Boy frontman, Patrick Stump.

“Everybody, I want you to put anything you have lit-up up,” Swift instructed her legion of fans before introducing Goulding to the stage where the two of them performed her 2012 hit song, “Anything Could Happen.”

After the show Swift tweeted the following to her fans about the show: “So.. Anything could happen at one of our LA shows. @elliegoulding showed up to sing ‘anything could happen’! 15,000 person dance party.

Check out the footage of the two of them performing the song here:

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